Work out your muscles and brain at the same time! You are locked inside an escape room and you have 10 minutes to solve puzzles, find clues, with the goal to get the key that unlocks the door so you can Escape!

Once inside of the escape room, you will be faced with fitness obstacles that require strength, endurance, and fortitude. Each of these obstacles will be associated with a clue that is essential to solving a puzzle. This might include pedaling a bike fast enough to generate enough electricity to light up a clue, or holding a plant long enough to show the next step. Each obstacle will be uniquely placed and require some sort of fun physical activity. Think of this like the game of Clue mixed with fitness. This is a truly unique challenge that has not been done anywhere before.

If you enjoy fitness, and you enjoy puzzles, this is for you! Fun for all ages, each obstacle will require you to work togetherĀ as team in order to escape in time. Within the fitness escape room, obstacles are strategically placed to challenge your mind and body. This is a one of a kind challenge that you do not want to miss!


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